Who is Trans­fer­ing Sen­si­tive Data?

It is impor­tant to know when and how sen­si­tive data is being trans­fered in and out of the enter­prise and who is doing it. Trans­fer­ing sen­si­tive data unse­cured or to/​from unau­tho­rized loca­tions can result in a breach that could be avoided with effec­tive File Trans­fer management.

Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics’ cus­tom report­ing options make it sim­ple to answer this and many other questions.

The report above shows:
  • Which user IDs were used to ini­ti­ate trans­fers of sen­si­tive data
  • How many trans­fers were initiated
  • How many uti­lized secured ver­sus unse­cured protocols

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