You can’t man­age what you can’t mea­sure and you can’t mea­sure what you can’t monitor.

One of the dis­ad­van­tages of tra­di­tional imple­men­ta­tions with mul­ti­ple MFT prod­ucts as well as a mix­ture of native FTP and SFTP servers is poor vis­i­bil­ity to file trans­fer activ­ity and exceptions.

The lack of vis­i­bil­ity pre­vents IT staff from detect­ing and react­ing to crit­i­cal file trans­fer excep­tions in real-​time and makes it dif­fi­cult and time con­sum­ing to ana­lyze past excep­tions and deter­mine the root cause.

In addi­tion, the lack of vis­i­bil­ity makes it impos­si­ble to ana­lyze or audit file trans­fer activ­ity across time or across mul­ti­ple systems.

Sen­try Analytics™ mon­i­tors file trans­fer activ­ity on each server in real-​time and records the infor­ma­tion in a cen­tral rela­tional data­base for future analy­sis. The Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™ Real­Time Mon­i­tor ana­lyzes the data in real-​time and iden­ti­fies events and excep­tions that trig­ger Alerts and or Automa­tion actions accord­ing to defined site policies.

The Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™ Desk­top user inter­face enables the user to view file trans­fer activ­ity in real time as well as ana­lyze past file trans­fers across time and all across all sys­tems in the enterprise.

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