A key aspect of Sys­tems Man­age­ment is the abil­ity to detect fail­ures, excep­tions and other unde­sir­able events and either alert IT Oper­a­tions staff or inter­face with other sys­tems man­age­ment tools to either esca­late the alert, route it to an enter­prise con­sole or e.g. open a trou­ble ticket.

Sen­try Analytics™ mon­i­tors all file trans­fer servers (MFT as well as native FTP & SFTP servers) in real time and is able to issue alerts to an enter­prise con­sole, notify users in Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™ Desk­top UI or via email based upon site-​defined policies.

Com­mon use cases

Typ­i­cal use cases for alerts related to file trans­fers include:

  • Fail­ure of a crit­i­cal transfer
  • Detec­tion of an Intru­sion Attempt
  • Unse­cured trans­fer of sen­si­tive data
  • Upload of sen­si­tive data to an unse­cured server
  • Server access from an unex­pected coun­try or organization

Next Steps

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